for the History of

Environment and Society





Mission statement of the Journal


The Journal aims to be a leading on-line and open-access magazine that covers various aspects of environmental history in the broadest sense of the word. Emphasis is upon studies which focus on the historical relations between environmental changes and the social-historical context. Interregional and international comparative articles are getting special attention.


Contributions should be of high scientific quality. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of the discipline, papers should be easy-to-read for all disciplines of the field, which ensures their accessibility to a wider audience as well.

To ensure scientific quality, JHES follows a strict double-blind peer-review procedure.


Geographically, the Journal is primarily – but not exclusively - focusing on NW-Europe including areas that had historical relations with that broad region. Articles with a more general geographic scope can also be published in the Journal.


The articles are published in English, French or German. Articles in French and German must have an extended English summary and should be introduced by a bilingual (English and French or German) abstract. In the latter case, the subtitles from the illustrations need to be bilingual as well.


The journal is published on-line on a regular base, in an open-access format. On demand, issues can be provided in hard copy by Brepols Publishers:

Periodicals Department – Begijnhof 67 - B-2300 Turnhout (Belgium)

Tel. +32 14 44 80 35 


Brepols website: www.brepols.net


The Journal is the successor of the Belgian-Dutch Jaarboek voor Ecologische Geschiedenis (published since 1995).